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About Us

The Santa Cruz Mid-County Groundwater Agency (MGA) is an 11-member board comprised of two elected officials from Central Water District, City of Santa Cruz, County of Santa Cruz, and Soquel Creek Water District and three private well representatives who oversee the groundwater management activities of the Mid-County Basin Area in Santa Cruz County, California.

Information on the Board Members is available in the Committee Profiles.

Staff and support from other the partner agencies and organizations has also been instrumental.

Joint Powers Agreement (March 17, 2016)

By-Laws (May 19, 2016)

Notice of Intent submitted to the CA Department of Water Resources to become a GSA (May 19, 2016)

Key Basin Management Goals

As outlined in the current AB3030 Groundwater Management Plan, the basin management goals are:

Goal 1:  Ensure water supply reliability for current and future beneficial uses

Goal 2: Maintain water quality to meet current and future beneficial uses

Goal 3: Prevent adverse environmental impacts

These goals will be re-evaluated as the MGA embarks on developing its Groundwater Sustainability Plan.

Current Focus

The MGA has been working and focusing on:

  1. Formation of a Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA) - Complete
  2. Request Basin Boundary Revision to DWR - Complete
  3. Hiring a Senior Planner to assist with preparing a Groundwater Sustainability Plan - Complete
  4. Develop Groundwater Model of the Mid-County Groundwater Management Area -Underway
  5. Develop a GSP Advisory Committee to review technical information and make recommedations to the Board - Ongoing
  6. Groundwater Sustainability Plan development - Ongoing
  7. Public Outreach and Education - Ongoing


The MGA Board and GSP Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public.  For more information on meetings, including the agendas, packets, and minutes, click here.