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MGA Jurisdictional Boundary Map (with cities)
MGA Stakeholder Map (with private well data)
Overdraft of the Groundwater Basin

This graph represents pumping from Soquel Creek Water District only, but it is expected that this reflects overall basin conditions.  This will be further defined as the Groundwater Sustainability Plan is developed.

Proposed Basin Boundary

Proposed Basin Boundary post-local input.

2014 Groundwater Levels
Cross Section of Basin Hydrostratigraphy
Groundwater Recharge
Groundwater Recharge in the Mid-SC Region
Groundwater Recharge in the Mid-SC Region
Basin Users in SC County
DWR Bulletin 118 Basins


Seawater Intrusion at Coastline

2014 Chloride Concentrations for Coastal Monitoring Wells.

Orange and Red dots illustrate chloride concentrations above 100 mg/l which is an indicator of seawater intrusion.