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Acronym List

Throughout this website there are numerous acronyms used. We hope this list helps you to navigate the content:

Acronmym List
Basin Santa Cruz Mid-County Groundwater Basin
BMP  Best Management Practices
County Santa Cruz County
CWD Central Water District
DWR California Department of Water Resources
GSA Groundwater Sustainability Agency
GSP Groundwater Sustainability Plan
JPA Joint Powers Agreement
MGA Santa Cruz Mid-County Groundwater Agency
PV Water Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency
RCD Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County
SCWD City of Santa Cruz Water Department
SGMA Sustainable Groundwater Management Act
SMC Sustainable Managment Criteria
SMGWA Santa Margarita Groundwater Agency
SqCWD Soquel Creek Water District
SWRCB State Water Resources Control Board
ACWA Association of California Water Agencies
WASC Water Supply Advisory Committee