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GSP Advisory Committee

On September 21, 2017, the MGA appointed a GSP Advisory Committee.  The Advisory Committee's charge was to analyze groundwater sustainability questions and make policy recommendations to the MGA Board for achieving regional groundwater sustainability in the Basin.  The Advisory Committee held its final meeting on June 19, 2019, and submitted its recommendations to the MGA Board on July 18, 2019. 

The Committee was comprised of community volunteers and MGA board members representing identified water interests within the Basin. Each member was chosen for their experience and the diversity of their perspective.

The GSP Advisory Committee members were:

  • Kate Anderton, Environmental Representative
  • John Bargetto, Agricultural Representative
  • Rich Casale, Small Water System Management
  • Keith Gudger, At-Large Representative
  • Jonathan Lear, At-Large Representative
  • Dana Katofsky McCarthy, Water Utility Rate Payer 
  • Charlie Rous, At-Large Representative
  • Thomas Wyner for Cabrillo College, Institutional Representative 
  • Marco Romanini, Central Water District
  • David Baskin, City of Santa Cruz
  • Allyson Violante, County of Santa Cruz
  • Bruce Jaffe, Soquel Creek Water District 
  • Jon Kennedy, Private Well Representative 
  • Vacant, Business Representative

GSP Advisory Committee meeting agendas, summaries, presentations and recordings can be found here.

Below are additional documents relating to the GSP Advisory Committee process: