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Santa Cruz County Free Residential Well Water Quality Testing Program!

The County of Santa Cruz has launched a free water quality testing program in Santa Cruz County for residents who rely on a household water well. Testing services are available in both English and Spanish. To schedule a free testing, call (844) 613-5152 or visit To learn more about this program and other services offered by the County of Santa Cruz, check out the Household Well Assistance website.

The free residential well testing initiative aims to provide vital information on potential health risks associated with harmful substances in drinking water.  Participating residents will receive comprehensive testing results and guidance to protect their wells from contamination. High levels of contaminants in drinking water can have serious health effects, particularly for vulnerable populations such as pregnant women and young children. All residents are encouraged to take advantage of this complimentary, non-regulatory testing service. Some households with high levels of contaminants may qualify for free assistance in the form of bottled water and treatment systems.