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Connecting the Drops: Working Together for Water Forum

On February 1, the public is invited to a discussion of local water resources planning and management, featuring leaders from across Santa Cruz County and the California Department of Water Resources.

“Connecting the Drops: Working Together for Water” will bring together a variety of voices for a discussion featuring keynote speaker Taryn Ravazzini, Deputy Director of the California Department of Water Resources. It will include information stations on groundwater management, stormwater management and aquifer recharge, conservation, planning for water supply, and fish and watershed management. The public can speak with the staff working on these topics. Water issues have a significant impact on Santa Cruz County residents and the environment. Most of the County’s groundwater basins have historically been pumped in excess of sustainable yield and the major water supply agencies do not have sufficient supplies to meet current and future demand, while also sustaining environmental needs. In response to the passage of California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act in 2014, efforts are now underway to develop comprehensive groundwater sustainability plans with measurable objectives and interim milestones that set a course toward achieving the goal of sustainable groundwater management within 20 years.

Local governments, water agencies, and community members all have a role in the future of our water resources and watersheds, and the County has some of the highest levels of conservation in the State. Discussion will include how local agencies are employing cutting-edge technology to improve water management and enhance groundwater recharge.

  • WHAT: Connecting the Drops: Working Together for Water
  • WHEN: Thursday, February 1st, 6:30 p.m – 9p.m.
  • WHERE: New Brighton Middle School auditorium, 250 Washburn St., Capitola

Presented by County of Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Local Agency Formation Commission, Regional Water Management Foundation, City of Santa Cruz, City of Watsonville, City of Scotts Valley, City of Capitola, Scotts Valley Water District, Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County, Central Water District, San Lorenzo Valley Water District, Soquel Creek Water District, Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency, Santa Margarita Groundwater Agency, and Santa Cruz Mid-County Groundwater Agency and the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County.