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MGA Request to be GSA recieved by DWR

The State has received the MGA request to be the Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA) and has posted the notice on their website:  We are currently in the process of our basin boundary request which redefines the area we are requesting to manage to be one basin; however, currently this one area is split amongst four DWR-recognized basins. Thus we are listed four times for these four corresponding basins. 

The 90-day period has now started and if no other entity steps forward to declare they also have an intent to become the GSA, then this table will state we are the “Exclusive” GSA.  If another entity submits interest on part or all of the area, then the table will state there is “Overlap” interest and the MGA will need to resolve this with the other interested party.  The 90-day period ends August 31, 2016.